WK8-Art Experience-Automatic Drawing


In this week art experience we did an automatic drawing. The person to whom I decided to do the activity with was my brother. At first it felt funny because both has to be really close and try to stay still, so me and my brother we just laughing the whole time. This made it difficult because we kept moving the pencil around and was having us draw all ugly. Although it was great doing the art experience because it helped us be patient and wait for the outcome of our drawing on how it was going to look after we stopped and opened our eyes. Once we both decided to stop and look at the art we noticed it was around the same position but a few scribbles around from the laughing at first. Although our drawing was ugly one thing for sure that we learned was to be more patient, if we were to stay more patient our art would have been better and not all around the paper. It was a fun experience, it was a while me and my brother laughed a lot and was really fun as well.




WK8-Artist Conversation-Brianna Joy

Artist: Brianna Joy

Exhibition: Merge

Media: Screen Printing, BFK Printing paper

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery East

Website: None

Instagram: bri.joy

About the Artist: 

Brianna joy comes from a small town called Modjeska Canyon here in California. The town is very small to where its highest number of population recored is around 1000 people. Her transition from there to here in long beach was different, because of how she was used to a small town , compared to Long Beach a bigger city. She went to Orange County High School of Arts, where she had already had a great start in her art career. She now is a transfer student from Orange Coast college where she decided to transfer to CSULB chasing her career in screen printing. Brianna is expected to graduate this year with her BFA. Brianna loves screen printing but although that is her passion she also has some interests. Se loves to play spots and do yoga as well in her free time. Some of her favorite sports she likes to play are surfing and snowboarding. Her top activity she likes to do is go hiking.

Formal Analysis:

Brianna’s art is a mystery in which she wants us to look really deep into, wants us to find out what the art really is. The only colors used are black and white. One one of her art pieces she draws a self portrait in which she felt can mean many things her other art pieces she made she uses lines and curved textures to demonstrate a different image compared to her other ones. On some she uses a bolder black to make it stand out on the others she uses a normal volume of black and white together. The media in which she uses is BFK printing paper, she uses this to has a better touch with the materials she uses. The shape of her art is not specific, she uses wavy lines that are jagged and curve all around. Although there is a rhythm, in her art you see a patter on how the lines curve around forming the art and making it more understandable.

Content Analysis: 

All of Brianna’s art has many meaning and different interpretations, some to whom she wants us to look deep into ourselves and think very deeply about. But while having my conversation with her she explained that her art is meant to show the shift of change from her past to her present, the way in which things changed from her after coming from a smaller town and going right through a bigger city. Since it was a shift to her she wants to show her emotions and feeling through art and how it didn’t change the way she is but the way she saw things from a different perspective. She wants others to know that sometimes moving around from one place to another is not bad, instead it can open many doors to new opportunity’s for yourself but also help you grow as a person.

Synthesis / My Experience: 

While looking at Brianna’s art, there were many things that her art work meant to me. In my perspective her art means her past and how her present has changed because of it, not in a bad way but in a good way. This resonates to me because I can relate to her in many ways. Brianna comes from a small town with a small population, and coming to Long Beach was a big shift for her seeing a bigger city, more people, and a lot more things to do around. I can relate to her from experience based on where I come from. I come from a “ghetto” neighborhood and a not so great High school, and coming straight out of High School to a four year University was a big change for me, I didn’t really know what to expect or what to do. But later on i adapted and shaped my way into it. And this resonates me and Brianna in a great way because I know how it feels to go from one place to another and see a difference change and adapt to it.


WK8-Classmate Conversation-Leon Phung


Have you ever just randomly met someone then out of no where like the same things and click in many ways. Well this week it was Leon Phung who i met and ended up being good friends with. Leon Comes from Vietnam, he currently commutes from West Minister. He is a second year like me and is studying civil engineering but also wants to minor in mechanical engineering. Leon hates chemistry and loves physics, in which i found interesting because i also love physics as well. Leon has many interests as well, especially with cars. He loves to go out on a drive around the canyons and by the beach in his Scion Frs. He also loves to modify his car. Leon also on his free time likes to go work out. The place in which he goes to work out at is 24hr fitness. Leon also loves to hear music, he likes all types of music , one of his favorite artists is Linkin Park. Nevertheless leon is a big fan of movies, his favorite movies to go watch are all the fast and furious movies. leon is a really outgoing guy, my classmate conversation his him was great, i look forward to talking more with him about cars again.

Link to Website: Leonvonapple.wordpress.com

Wk7-Art Experience-Group Video Activity

This week our Art Experience activity was creating a group video. Our group created a video on how art creates friendships but not only that, how it also art creates different reactions to different people. In our video the first two people’s reactions were different then me and my friend who came out in the end. The two people in the beginning had an amused and interested reaction to the art they saw. Me and my friend in the second part of the video had reactions of being confused since we didn’t get the art or the meaning of it. Although there were different reactions to the art there were friendships that were made which was our point in the video. Everyone in the video started talking to one another to try to understand the art, and compare each persons perspective on the art being looked at. I learned during the art experience that friendships can be made through art and can cause people to understand the art when interacting with one another. Art always will create friendships and the best ones as well.

WK7-Artist Conversation-Andrea Lauren Williams

Artist: Andrea Lauren Williams

Exhibition: Sacrifice

Media: CSULB School of Art, Gatov-West

Gallery: Ceramics, Raw Clay, Cement, and Mason Stains.

Website: Mrsdubbayoo.weebly.com

Instagram: andreawilliammms

About the Artist:

Andreas home town is Riverside, where she was born and raised. Most of her art work is very religious, which would be described as Christian art, as she stated. Andrea is currently a mom, she has one daughter. She also has several pets and animals which are pigs, dogs and chickens. Andrea is currently an undergrad at CSULB in which plans to graduate by the end of this semester. Her major is in Ceramics. Although Andrea spends much of her time with art, there is an interest in which she also spends her time at. Her main interest is music, music always ran in her family, she knows how to play the drums and use to be in a band before. Music is her main interest in which she spends most of her extra time if its not with making art.

Formal Analysis: 

Andreas art work is a mixture of many materials. The materials she includes in her art would be ceramics, raw clay, cement, and mason stains. Most of her art pieces are images of people. The shapes of her art work are not a specific shape but they do perform a pattern. The pattern they perform are mixture of the cement and raw clay in which form the physical image of the human she creates, and the color gives it more texture within the art piece. Andrea only uses one color over all in her art pieces. The color she uses is like an orange red and the rest of the color is from the clay and cement she uses. The texture based on my observation looked very rough, rough because of the cement and clay she used.

Content Analysis: 

Andreas artwork is about many things, but is about and relates to one big aspect which is mostly religious. The meanings of these images don’t portray the image it should, instead Andreas images are meant to show a twisted version of the original images made before. When I had my conversation with Andrea, I asked her why the twisted and different aspect to the image, her response was that she wanted to create something new and unique with a different set of idea but instead of an original look, a twisted one instead. Also her reason for her art is to create a strong image of how she is very religious and how strong of a believer she is of from being a Christian. She not only wants people wondering why a twisted illusion was created but at the same time question the art and what it really means..

Synthesis/My Experience:

Andrea has many ways and images to explain her art, but in my perspective I would also agree that her images mean to be very religious and twisted in a way as well. I believe she is trying to tell a story within each art piece she creates, and although it looks twisted I don’t feel that thats the main reason behind it. I just believe its her way of making the image come to life. Based on my observation I believe Andreas art work does resonate to me in a way, one; she is a Christian and strong believer so seeing this art in a way brings back memories of story’s I have been told from the bible. Also, based on my life experience there has been times where I questioned art and tried to figure out what they really meant, and in these images I not only questioned the art but the true meaning to the image.


Wk7-Classmate Conversation-Amber Bolden


On this weeks Classmates conversation, I had my conversation with Amber. She is a very interesting and amusing person to talk to. She is a freshman who’s major is in film. There are several reasons why she chose fils, one was because she wants to become a producer and also be behind the camera. But thats not it, she also wants to become a music producer, and a publicist in which handles and manages different events. Amber currently dorms at CSULB, her home town is Los Angeles. While having m conversation with amber i asked her how was the shift from LA to Long beach and she stated it was awesome, she also stated that she loved the weather, and loves to explore a lot. Amber also currently works in a Victoria Secret in Santa Monica. Amber favorite types of food is sushi and cecar salads. Her favorite music artist is Tory Lanez. And her favorite movie is The Sand Lot, and also La Casa Blanca. Amber is a very interesting person who i recomend meeting and hanging out with.

Ambers Website: https://Aboldenimages.wordpress.com


WK5-Art Experience-Cuisine


Today i decided to work on a cuisine. I at first wanted to create something new, something i have not seen anybody els create. I wanted to show how you can make a small snack and still have a good meal and eat it. During the process i had a good time making the cuisine. I used Cheez-It to create the snack and i also used some fruit snacks to also create the snack. In the end i also used Peanut Butter. This was a really great experience because i was able to make something really good and have fun with it. This was a great way to find out what types of foods you can create. during the process i learned that you can use any types of food and still have fun with it and have a healthy meal. In the end the only different thing i would do would be to add more stuff on it such as jelly. This was a great art experience so far.

WK5-Artist Conversation-Andre Ritter

Artist: Ande Ritter

Exhibition: FUSE: Join to Form: Single Entity

Media: Metal and Aluminum

Gallery: CSULB School of Art. Gatov-West Gallery

Website: None

Instagram: None

About the Artist

If there is one artist who has really amazed me with their art work so far it has to be Andre Ritter. He just graduated from CSULB last spring in 2015, he majored and got his BFA in Metals as well.  Andre has various ways to get motivated and inspired, in which he gets from various types of art, being outdoors, but most specifically gets motivated by comics. Andre has two kids; one in which is 10 and the other in which is 8 years old. Besides making great art pieces, there are also a few activities and interests Andre likes. One in which is playing volley ball once in a while with his friends. Andre is the near future wants to become an Art teacher, and be involved with many art programs. Most of his art work is based on a Tropical island themes, he does not only like making small art pieces but also likes to create big ones as well. His side of nature that motivates him the most , makes him create great art pieces.

Formal Analysis

If anybody were to look into Andre’s work, the media and art work he uses is; metals and aluminum. And there are at times where he did and has worked with steel. Andre states that he rather work with metals and aluminum because of how easy it is to work on them compared to metals. In his art work there are no specific shapes involved instead there are complex things put together to create great art pieces. In terms of color, there is one art piece he did, where he added bright colors to give his art work a brighter image, which is the picture on the top left. On the other picture to the top right the color texture is more dark and is filled with different shaped metals and aluminum pieces. Lastly in terms of rhythm, there seems to be a small rhythm with the small metas being used to form a pattern in a small area, which shows small groups of little patters that spread out around the art piece.

Content Analysis 

Andre’s work of art has many meanings in which just explains how nature is his main motivation. and also how he uses nature to relax him, which is the way he bases his art from. During my conversation with the artist I found out he liked basing his art on a tropical theme, and also how he likes using nature as his part of art. This related to me because I also like using nature to motivate me in many things, it relaxes me and gives me a great motivation to do better in school and the sports I play. The ideas the other is trying to explain is how you don’t just need materials or your mind to make art, the ideas the artist gives is that you could also expand your mind and create great art from using nature, in which this case is what the author did.

Synthesis / My Experience

There was not one thing i didn’t like about the artists work. The fact that he uses a tropical them and nature to make his art really amazed me. I can relate to this because I, myself use nature to motivate me. In my perspective I thought all of his work was really detailed and well built. Although at first it did seem a bit complex, but later on from observing his work I didn’t find it that complex anymore. Although it is a bit complex it makes it even more interesting and different from other artists work because of how creative he got. I believe his art, and his ways of using nature to create art, will motivate other artists to create great art as well and also become great artists.




WK5-Classmate Conversation-Ciprian Robielos

As Ciprian would say “Cip, like take a cip”is him name. His full name is Ciprian but he goes by Cip. Cip is a sophomore here at CSULB and his major is Film. He plans to later on in the future be a film director and be part of directing great films. His favorite movie genre are action and Marvel Comic movies. His top favorite movies are all the Fast and Furious movies and also Deadpool which just came out in the theaters a few weeks ago. Cip is from North-Side Long Beach, his previous High School in which he came from is called Paramount High School, which is in Paramount. From my conversation with Cip i was also able to find out his favorite food and places to go eat. One of his top foods are tacos and also Chicken sandwiches from Carl’s Junior. But the place you will always catch him at is at In-N-Out or Korean BBQ in Cerritos. Cips favorite hobby’s are running, playing video games and working out. The activities he likes to go do the most is go out with his friends to the theaters, Hollywood or sometimes just hit the beach and relax.

Link to Website: https://takeacip.wordpress.com/

Wk4-Artist Conversation-Samuel Jernigan

Artist: Samuel Jernigan

Exhibition: Weight of Whimsy Ideas

Media: Ceramics Clay, Montana Spray Paint

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery West

Website: http://cargocollective.com/samueljernigan

Instagram: samueljenri

About the Artist

Samuel Jernigan is the artist you really want to look into for his really good and humorous art pieces. Jernigan grew up in an agricultural area around Fresno County. He  comes from Central California , which is also known as the Bay Area. He recently just graduated from CSULB in Fall 2015. He graduated with a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Ceramics and has a background in Ceramic Production. His art work is mostly funny and humorous, he does not like creating basic Art , he likes creating art that is funny and unique to his audience and himself. Samuel has many interests and activities he likes to do. His interests are playing the guitar, reading comics and the one he loves the most is watching cartoons. Although he has many interests the one hobby Samuel does the most is riding his bike, which is usually a 2 hour bike ride. His Bike rides relax him and help him express himself. Jernigan’s art work comes from serious dedication, as he stated he would work 14-16 hours a day for three years to get him where he’s at now and has payed off very successfully in return for the great Art work he has now.

Formal Analysis 

Samuels Art work is Art work you will find very interesting. What he finds in local flea markets, he creates them to gorgeous masterpieces. His art is basically toys for children in which is very easy to observe and make you understand what is really going on in terms of art. The materials he uses is Montana spray paint which is an expensive type of pray paint and also very expensive paint pens he uses. While observing his art there are many different shapes he uses, for his art he does not specifically stick to a shape but there is a round smooth texture involved. He also does shows rhythm within his art. His art is either one full color and texture or in involved with a rhythm of bright, colorful pattern involved. His art pieces are undulating  an sinuous, they have a smooth wave like motion that automatically give you a smooth sensation without even touching the art. Which to me is a vey interesting concept.

Content Analysis

Samuels work has many unique meanings to it. While talking to the artist he explained that his work is based on abandoned toys he found in local flea markets in which he wanted to bring back to life and add more detail to them. He felt bad for the abandoned toys, in which he felt a sad emotion for the toys. In his mind he wanted to bring them back to life and create something better. While in conversation with the artist, I was able to relate to the way he felt about the toys and art he created. When i was little I would go to the local GoodWill by my house. There would be times where I saw toys just laying there, it gave me a sad emotion and a feeling to where I wanted to take the toys home to not have them abandoned. This relates to the artist because he felt the same way and took action for the toys. In other words all his Art pieces have a meaning of emotion to them, each to where it has a story to it.

Synthesis/ My Experience

Every artist has there own way to express their art and also many meanings to it. With each art piece having a meaning to it, it also gives the audience a feeling of what it means to them as well. To me his art means taking something nobody really looks at (which in this case were the abandoned toys), and creating them into beautiful pieces of art in which this case the artist did. His art resonates to me in the fact that when I was little I always fixed the toys I had and made them better. Knowing he did and does this with his art relates to me very well. Based on my experience with his art I like how it has a humorous look into each art piece as well. It brings a smile to my face instead of a confused look I make when looking at other artists pieces at times. Based on my experience I learned that it does not matter how or what anything looks like at first, what matters is how and what it looks like in the end and how you create it to a masterpiece. Although any piece of art you create is always art no matter what.