Wk15-Classmate Conversation-Vanessa Betancourt


In this weeks artist conversation I met Vanessa Betancourt. Vanessa commutes from Bellflower. Her previous high School in which she came from is Mayfair High School, I found this funny and interesting because my high school is close by the area. Vanessa is currently a freshman at CSULB who is studying for English. she is currently taking 12 units. Vanessa on her spare times loves to go hiking at the canyons to get some exercise. She also loves to go shopping and also to the gym. Vanessa also is a big fan of sports especially baseball, her favorite teams are the Dodgers, Lakers, and the raiders. And although she is a big fan of sports the one she truly understands is baseball. When she gets older she plans on being a social worker , she plans to make children’s lives better. An interesting fact about Vanessa is that she has 10 piercings and 2 tattoos. Vanessa is an interesting person that i met this semester, i recommend making friends with her anytime.


Link to website: vanessabetancourt.wordpress.com


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