WK15-Artist Conversation-Nancy Young

Artist: Nancy Young

Exhibition: As the Crow Flies

Media: Print Making, Metal, Wood, Mixed Media, Non Toxic Ink

Website: None

Instagram: None

About the Artist:

In this weeks artist conversation I had my artist conversation with Nancy Young. Nancy Young is currently a student at CSULB who is pursuing her Career in Print Making. In which she is trying to obtain her BFA in. Nancy;s college career started in 1984 where she was planning to pursue her career in Graphic design. Due to academic probation on a disorder relating substance abuse, she did not finish school.  From then years later Nancy went back to school. Once returning to school Nancy took an Art class which changed her whole perspective on art and shifted her career from graphic design to Print making. When Nancy is not making new art pieces she is working in the city of Orange County being a database and computer programer. Nancy loves and has a passion for printmaking now but if there is also other things she loves to do on her own time which is playing with her dog and hearing music. Her dog is her main motivation.

Formal Analysis:

Nancy’s work is based on two methods of printmaking one in which is Intaglio and the other based on Photopolyers. In Nancy’s work she uses wood as the base from there she adds on ink on top of her art work. later the process from there is to draw in her lines in her art work to complete her piece. In her art work there are several colors in which she uses. On one piece she uses a black shade which illustrates the bird and in the back ground she uses a light brown color lightly demonstrating a sunset. On the other image she also uses a black color showing a slight dark black shape as well. There is really no shape or texture, the shape is of a bird and the rest of the drawing is the same as well, which gives the drawing no texture or pattern. Nevertheless Nancy’s art involves birds in their own shadow.

Content Analysis: 

Have you ever wondered what a bird does or where it goes and how it really lives its life. Nancy’s art is about how “us” humans live our ives but not always stay in place we always move on somewhere and change location. What Nancy tells about her art specifically shows how once after college we will always move on and move forward we will move to a different place. This shows how in her art a bird must always move on as she stated and also stated us humans will move on to new adventures. These were the ideas she was trying to explore within her art. Its hard to really see into her art but once having her brief definition it made things very clear on how her art wants us to know that there is a bigger world out there in which we should discover just like the birds in her art work are.

Synthesis/ My experience

While observing Nancy’s art in my perspective it meant freedom. In her art work she uses a bird. In my perspective I believe her art work is about how we should be moving around to different places and not stay at the same place. At times we are afraid to try new things and always afraid to go outside our box to new adventures. I believe her art work is trying to demonstrate how birds move on from place to place, which relates to me in my life experience as well. I tend to try new things and always go out to new adventures, if me and my friends go out we most of the time get tired of the same place we go eat or same place we go skate or dirt bike at. We tend to go outside our box and try new things. Life in my perspective is about living it, to its fullest like a bird just fly around and visit new locations, which is something we should do.



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