WK14-Sketching the Garden-Art experience

This art experience was fun in many ways. One because, it was my first time coming to the Japanese garden and the other because i was able to draw and take pictures.I know im not the best drawer in the world but i swear i tried, although i am not good at drawing i try my best to draw what my imagination tells me. In this art experience we needed to take pictures and sketch abstract and representational art. It was very fun because i never been here before and i saw a whole different garden then what i expected.  While sketching out the art i was trying my best to show great description but i did add in the most detail as i can. There are a few things i learned although the fact that i am not the best drawer. I learned that art does not need to be the best its the effort that counts and how you see things in your perspective. I also learned that nature is really beautiful. Most of the time people just draw other famous people or unnecessary things, but in my perspective nature is the best natural art there is. I noticed it really relaxed me being outside and just sketching out the garden. This was one great art experience.


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