Wk14-Extra Credit-The Secret Lives of Tumblr Teens


We live in a world where at times we can not do things we want because we are surrounded by bullies or surrounded by media in which just at times drags us down and motivates us less to do the things we want to do. In “The secret Lives of Tumblr Teens”, it states how teens had a secret life of tumblr, not because they they wanted to but because they felt like they had to and more comfortable with it. They were afraid to show their real identity like on Facebook or Instagram because they didn’t feel as they didn’t look good or have a great look to their body. The sooner the later they felt sadness in the tumblr and felt a joy in Instagram. They stated that they shared more personal things on tumblr in which they never shared with their friends which brought sadness because of this reason. In the result they did make money but ended up dropping out of college because they though they had what they needed, in the end they didn’t make enough money where they wanted.

In the culture i live in everyone is just stuck on their phones and not close to each other interacting and making conversations. In the reading the moment is stuck on tumblr but not with people interacting or really showing who they are but hiding behind the internet because they don’t feel safe or have the confidence to show themselves because they feel they need “the looks” or “body” to be famous. Well, in my culture in 2016 its still basically the same. People are afraid to show themselves on the internet , so at times they create a fake profile on Instagram or Facebook just to talk to each other. It shouldn’t be that way, everyone should have the confidence to talk to each other and have normal human conversations then a fake one online. another aspect is the fact that everyone is always on their phones, people go out and instead of just communicating face to face people are just looking at the phones more then the person in front of them.

Based on my culture in 2016, it has me disappointed on what we have become and done to our generation of adults, teens, and even children. Social media, media, and technology has taken over our lives, our social lives to be ourselves and really show who we are. In the reading i read the teens lives got taken over Tumblr , which relates to the culture we live in now being taken over by social media and technology.

This article did have me thinking of ideas, ideas in which have me wanting to create clubs in which people can socialize and not be on their phones or be behind computer screes but instead in front of a real human been who can hear you out and them hear you out. This will have people be more confident to speak to others and be the person they really are instead the fake person behind the computer screen. Hopefully in the future we socialize more and gain more confidence for ourselves.


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