Wk14-Extra Credit-Art Experience Feedback

The three pictures above are my three favorite activities this semester that we had. The first picture was the graffiti activity we had when we had to tag our name on a cardboard paper or any surface where we wont get in trouble. I chose to go tag my name in the Venice Beach art wall. I loved this activity because we were able to travel and see how other people draw art as well with spray paint. The other activity i liked was the Instagram activity, which is the second picture on the top right. I liked this activity because we were able to take pictures of the things we do right after class and this shows what i like to go which is go out and get boba. Since i love boba. The third activity , which is the activity i loved the most was the Japanese garden activity, in which we had to sketch out six pictures. I loved this activity because i realized how hard it is to draw and also because i never been to the Japanese Garden before. this art experience made me realize how nature is one really beautiful piece of art.

These three pictures above are the three least favorite activities in my perspective tis semester. Although I liked them all, these are the three i least liked. On the first picture we had to make a our own type of dish , i chose Cheez-It, fruity snacks an peanut butter. The reason why i liked this activity the least is because i found it hard to create something and instead i rather have done it on a favorite dish that already exists. I still had fun in this activity. The second picture is the snapchat one where we had to take a picture of art and the draw on it. I least liked this activity because i didn’t find a good purpose on taking a picture on what we found was art and then drawing it, i feel it was best to just leave it alone. and for the last picture we did an activity where we had to take a picture with a book, i least liked this activity because i rather take a picture with my own favorite book instead on we barley read or one we barley liked. I liked this activity but it would have been more entertaining writing about our favorite book and taking a picture with it. All of these activities are great and i liked them but in my perspective i liked them the least compared to the others we did.

Nevertheless, i loved the class i found the class very entertaining. At first i never thought art would be this fun but once i took this class i had so much fun and got to meet a lot of new people. This class made me realize how fun art is and what art really is. I never though i would love art as i do now jut because of this class.

If there are things i would recomend to change, there would be any. Honestly Professor Glen everything in this class was great i loved everything, i don’t think anything should change, thank you for the best and awesome experience in your class 🙂



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