WK11-Art Experience-Turning Pages


Have you even been somewhere and realized it does not feel the same anymore or realize things have changed and wish things were back to normal. Well let me tell you about my experience compared to the book store and the library. On thursday we went on a trip around campus but then went to the library. At the library we were not able to take pictures at all but to enjoy the scenery and read books, because thats what you do in the library. While we were at the library in my experience it didn’t really feel like a library. In a library you read books and relax, take no pictures but enjoy the atmosphere. In our school library its just filled with tables and computers like if its a computer lag or study area. Theres no books anywhere. It was hard not taking pictures at the library because its a very relaxing place i go to with my friends, nevertheless i take pictures for anything.Then going to the bookstore was a different story i was glad i was able to take pictures because there was things i didn’t really think i would take pictures of until that day at the book store. It was hard at the library avoiding taking pictures but then in the book store it was not.

My experience was one to where i was mostly thinking how things changed. I never though the bookstore would be a better place for me to be at as if the book store was suppose to be the library and the library the book store. But it felt really great at the book store. During my experience at the book store i found on of my favorite books in which i loved when i was younger and seeing it now as im older really brought a smile to my face, i even read the whole book over again. The book is called “Curious George”. There are a few things i learned from this experience. One, things can change from time to time , sometimes for the better and sometimes for the worse. In this case i felt like the library changed in a way i didn’t like or should be but theres always the book store to go to, where you can read a book and feel like your in a library. Which is now my place to go.


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