Wk10-Classmate Conversation-Bez Middleton


This week I was able to meet Bez Middleton for the classmate conversation. Bez Middleton comes from a city named Huntington Park where he commutes from every day from school. Bez is currently undeclared  but is trying to get into criminal justice which i found interesting because at first I was planning on doing something with criminal justice but changed my mind. Bez comes from a High School in bellflower called St. John Bosco. Bez on his free time loves to go out to the park and play basketball and on his own time go out with his friends as well and listen to music. His favorite sport team is called the Cincinnati Bengals and his favorite type of food is italian which is one of my favorites. a fun fact about Bez is that he is good at drawing although he does not like it. The reason why Bez took this class is because its a break from his other classes. One thing bez wants to get off his bucket list is skydiving. Bez is a really chill and outgoing person recommend making friends with him.

Link to website http://www.bezmidd.wordpress.com


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