WK10-Artist Conversation-Helen Werner Cox

Artist: Helen Werner Cox

Exhibition: Silent Screams

Media: Oil, Pastel, Crayons, MonoPrints, Basswood Carving

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gallery Gatov-West

Website: http://www.HelenWernerCox.com

Instagram: None 

About the Artist: 

This weeks artist conversation was with Helen Werner Cox. Helen comes from her home town named Ithaca, New York. Where she left at age 18 to Massachusetts to study fine arts. From there her career was just getting started where she was teaching Middle School and High School art for 30 years. Being a teacher at this point motivated her to go for her masters degree which took her around 13 years in the city of Boston. It wasn’t until later on where she got an opportunity for a teaching job in a Middle School in the state of California. This job in which took around 17 years but not only was she a teacher, she was also a librarian at the city of Long Beach for 13 years. Helen is currently a student at CSULB where she plans to get her masters in Fine arts of Painting and Drawing. And although Helen loves Art she also has some hobbies of her own which are gardening and reading fictional books on her own time. She also has her own ways of motivating herself, one in which she always carries a notebook every time. The notebook is used to write down any great thoughts or ideas she can use for her art and instead of forgetting them later she has her notebook with her to write them down.

Formal Analysis:

Helen’s art involves many aspects but what it is is art that wants you do look into and have a better meaning of it most importantly the art is trying to bring you into the image, bring the image to life thats what the image really is as Helen explained. The image is made with long Mono printing paper in which she uses to draw her art onto. She uses different types of oils, crayons, and basswood carving for her art and also pastel. The nature of the line is different types of lines in which some are connected and some are not. There is not shape necessarily but there is rhythm, which is the texture of the art being made by the dark colors and in some bright images to stand out. Is most of her art pieces she only uses two types of colors one in which is dark and another in which is light. Each image has its own way of standing out and on Helen’s images the lighter texture in color is what stands it out.

Content Analysis: 

Helens images are about a kids ride which are mostly found in parks, carnivals or in fairs and other locations. This ride is called a carousel, which relates her art about the horses in the carousel. Each art piece of the horse is not only just a horse it has a deeper image. While having my conversation with Helen she stated that each horse in her art has a more detailed meaning of expression. Which explains each horses different look and color in her art. Helens ideas in which she is trying to explore is the fact that she wants to show the works how society is stuck on a track ,comparing it to the horses on the carousel on how they keep going in circles just following each other but the not expressions or emotions they really have. I can relate to this because I also feel like society is on a track just going in circles, most people in society just want to do the same as others and not really think about themselves.

Synthesis/ My Experience:

While looking at Helens art I had many meanings in which came to my mind based on her art. To me her art means how this world is filled with many followers, if one person does this then the other does it as well, and at times its for bad things and things we shouldn’t follow. In her art she explains that it is based on a carousel and is expressing the emotions of the horses within her art. But also states that society is stuck on a track going in circles. To me it has me thinking that society is not following their own dreams but instead just following others and not thinking deep down to their emotions or expressions to know what they really want to do.  Instead just follow others peoples footsteps when in times they shouldn’t.  In my perspective what i feel Helen is trying to state is that we need to get out of the circle society is following and make our own path to where we can follow our dreams and own path.


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