WK10-Art Experience-Instagram

In this weeks art experience we had to take a few pictures on Instagram and relate our experiences with others. My two posts are on the left. On my posts there is one image of the pyramid which is the moment i took the picture once i got out of class, also where i parked. At the image to the left of it is me holding a Boba drink in which i got right after i left from school. The other two photos on the right are from my friend. One of his posts its a picture of an artist’s art. I found this very interesting because me and him are both fans of cars. On the other image he posted a picture of his neighbors car freshly washed. In terms of relating our images there is nothing to relate to, my images are of the things i do right after school and my friends are of his taking pictures of cars. Although our images don’t relate we do have a connection in between. The connection is the cars, i am a big fan of cars and although I did not take pictures of cars I feel like we have a connection to the similarities we like most, which are cars. This activity was a fun way to see what others like to take pictures of or what they do right after class which was my case but what i liked best about the activity was the connection i found with my friend.


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