WK8-Art Experience-Automatic Drawing


In this week art experience we did an automatic drawing. The person to whom I decided to do the activity with was my brother. At first it felt funny because both has to be really close and try to stay still, so me and my brother we just laughing the whole time. This made it difficult because we kept moving the pencil around and was having us draw all ugly. Although it was great doing the art experience because it helped us be patient and wait for the outcome of our drawing on how it was going to look after we stopped and opened our eyes. Once we both decided to stop and look at the art we noticed it was around the same position but a few scribbles around from the laughing at first. Although our drawing was ugly one thing for sure that we learned was to be more patient, if we were to stay more patient our art would have been better and not all around the paper. It was a fun experience, it was a while me and my brother laughed a lot and was really fun as well.




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