WK8-Classmate Conversation-Leon Phung


Have you ever just randomly met someone then out of no where like the same things and click in many ways. Well this week it was Leon Phung who i met and ended up being good friends with. Leon Comes from Vietnam, he currently commutes from West Minister. He is a second year like me and is studying civil engineering but also wants to minor in mechanical engineering. Leon hates chemistry and loves physics, in which i found interesting because i also love physics as well. Leon has many interests as well, especially with cars. He loves to go out on a drive around the canyons and by the beach in his Scion Frs. He also loves to modify his car. Leon also on his free time likes to go work out. The place in which he goes to work out at is 24hr fitness. Leon also loves to hear music, he likes all types of music , one of his favorite artists is Linkin Park. Nevertheless leon is a big fan of movies, his favorite movies to go watch are all the fast and furious movies. leon is a really outgoing guy, my classmate conversation his him was great, i look forward to talking more with him about cars again.

Link to Website: Leonvonapple.wordpress.com


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