WK7-Artist Conversation-Andrea Lauren Williams

Artist: Andrea Lauren Williams

Exhibition: Sacrifice

Media: CSULB School of Art, Gatov-West

Gallery: Ceramics, Raw Clay, Cement, and Mason Stains.

Website: Mrsdubbayoo.weebly.com

Instagram: andreawilliammms

About the Artist:

Andreas home town is Riverside, where she was born and raised. Most of her art work is very religious, which would be described as Christian art, as she stated. Andrea is currently a mom, she has one daughter. She also has several pets and animals which are pigs, dogs and chickens. Andrea is currently an undergrad at CSULB in which plans to graduate by the end of this semester. Her major is in Ceramics. Although Andrea spends much of her time with art, there is an interest in which she also spends her time at. Her main interest is music, music always ran in her family, she knows how to play the drums and use to be in a band before. Music is her main interest in which she spends most of her extra time if its not with making art.

Formal Analysis: 

Andreas art work is a mixture of many materials. The materials she includes in her art would be ceramics, raw clay, cement, and mason stains. Most of her art pieces are images of people. The shapes of her art work are not a specific shape but they do perform a pattern. The pattern they perform are mixture of the cement and raw clay in which form the physical image of the human she creates, and the color gives it more texture within the art piece. Andrea only uses one color over all in her art pieces. The color she uses is like an orange red and the rest of the color is from the clay and cement she uses. The texture based on my observation looked very rough, rough because of the cement and clay she used.

Content Analysis: 

Andreas artwork is about many things, but is about and relates to one big aspect which is mostly religious. The meanings of these images don’t portray the image it should, instead Andreas images are meant to show a twisted version of the original images made before. When I had my conversation with Andrea, I asked her why the twisted and different aspect to the image, her response was that she wanted to create something new and unique with a different set of idea but instead of an original look, a twisted one instead. Also her reason for her art is to create a strong image of how she is very religious and how strong of a believer she is of from being a Christian. She not only wants people wondering why a twisted illusion was created but at the same time question the art and what it really means..

Synthesis/My Experience:

Andrea has many ways and images to explain her art, but in my perspective I would also agree that her images mean to be very religious and twisted in a way as well. I believe she is trying to tell a story within each art piece she creates, and although it looks twisted I don’t feel that thats the main reason behind it. I just believe its her way of making the image come to life. Based on my observation I believe Andreas art work does resonate to me in a way, one; she is a Christian and strong believer so seeing this art in a way brings back memories of story’s I have been told from the bible. Also, based on my life experience there has been times where I questioned art and tried to figure out what they really meant, and in these images I not only questioned the art but the true meaning to the image.



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