Wk7-Art Experience-Group Video Activity

This week our Art Experience activity was creating a group video. Our group created a video on how art creates friendships but not only that, how it also art creates different reactions to different people. In our video the first two people’s reactions were different then me and my friend who came out in the end. The two people in the beginning had an amused and interested reaction to the art they saw. Me and my friend in the second part of the video had reactions of being confused since we didn’t get the art or the meaning of it. Although there were different reactions to the art there were friendships that were made which was our point in the video. Everyone in the video started talking to one another to try to understand the art, and compare each persons perspective on the art being looked at. I learned during the art experience that friendships can be made through art and can cause people to understand the art when interacting with one another. Art always will create friendships and the best ones as well.


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