Wk7-Classmate Conversation-Amber Bolden


On this weeks Classmates conversation, I had my conversation with Amber. She is a very interesting and amusing person to talk to. She is a freshman who’s major is in film. There are several reasons why she chose fils, one was because she wants to become a producer and also be behind the camera. But thats not it, she also wants to become a music producer, and a publicist in which handles and manages different events. Amber currently dorms at CSULB, her home town is Los Angeles. While having m conversation with amber i asked her how was the shift from LA to Long beach and she stated it was awesome, she also stated that she loved the weather, and loves to explore a lot. Amber also currently works in a Victoria Secret in Santa Monica. Amber favorite types of food is sushi and cecar salads. Her favorite music artist is Tory Lanez. And her favorite movie is The Sand Lot, and also La Casa Blanca. Amber is a very interesting person who i recomend meeting and hanging out with.

Ambers Website: https://Aboldenimages.wordpress.com



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