WK5-Art Experience-Cuisine


Today i decided to work on a cuisine. I at first wanted to create something new, something i have not seen anybody els create. I wanted to show how you can make a small snack and still have a good meal and eat it. During the process i had a good time making the cuisine. I used Cheez-It to create the snack and i also used some fruit snacks to also create the snack. In the end i also used Peanut Butter. This was a really great experience because i was able to make something really good and have fun with it. This was a great way to find out what types of foods you can create. during the process i learned that you can use any types of food and still have fun with it and have a healthy meal. In the end the only different thing i would do would be to add more stuff on it such as jelly. This was a great art experience so far.


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