WK5-Classmate Conversation-Ciprian Robielos

As Ciprian would say “Cip, like take a cip”is him name. His full name is Ciprian but he goes by Cip. Cip is a sophomore here at CSULB and his major is Film. He plans to later on in the future be a film director and be part of directing great films. His favorite movie genre are action and Marvel Comic movies. His top favorite movies are all the Fast and Furious movies and also Deadpool which just came out in the theaters a few weeks ago. Cip is from North-Side Long Beach, his previous High School in which he came from is called Paramount High School, which is in Paramount. From my conversation with Cip i was also able to find out his favorite food and places to go eat. One of his top foods are tacos and also Chicken sandwiches from Carl’s Junior. But the place you will always catch him at is at In-N-Out or Korean BBQ in Cerritos. Cips favorite hobby’s are running, playing video games and working out. The activities he likes to go do the most is go out with his friends to the theaters, Hollywood or sometimes just hit the beach and relax.

Link to Website: https://takeacip.wordpress.com/


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