WK5-Artist Conversation-Andre Ritter

Artist: Ande Ritter

Exhibition: FUSE: Join to Form: Single Entity

Media: Metal and Aluminum

Gallery: CSULB School of Art. Gatov-West Gallery

Website: None

Instagram: None

About the Artist

If there is one artist who has really amazed me with their art work so far it has to be Andre Ritter. He just graduated from CSULB last spring in 2015, he majored and got his BFA in Metals as well.  Andre has various ways to get motivated and inspired, in which he gets from various types of art, being outdoors, but most specifically gets motivated by comics. Andre has two kids; one in which is 10 and the other in which is 8 years old. Besides making great art pieces, there are also a few activities and interests Andre likes. One in which is playing volley ball once in a while with his friends. Andre is the near future wants to become an Art teacher, and be involved with many art programs. Most of his art work is based on a Tropical island themes, he does not only like making small art pieces but also likes to create big ones as well. His side of nature that motivates him the most , makes him create great art pieces.

Formal Analysis

If anybody were to look into Andre’s work, the media and art work he uses is; metals and aluminum. And there are at times where he did and has worked with steel. Andre states that he rather work with metals and aluminum because of how easy it is to work on them compared to metals. In his art work there are no specific shapes involved instead there are complex things put together to create great art pieces. In terms of color, there is one art piece he did, where he added bright colors to give his art work a brighter image, which is the picture on the top left. On the other picture to the top right the color texture is more dark and is filled with different shaped metals and aluminum pieces. Lastly in terms of rhythm, there seems to be a small rhythm with the small metas being used to form a pattern in a small area, which shows small groups of little patters that spread out around the art piece.

Content Analysis 

Andre’s work of art has many meanings in which just explains how nature is his main motivation. and also how he uses nature to relax him, which is the way he bases his art from. During my conversation with the artist I found out he liked basing his art on a tropical theme, and also how he likes using nature as his part of art. This related to me because I also like using nature to motivate me in many things, it relaxes me and gives me a great motivation to do better in school and the sports I play. The ideas the other is trying to explain is how you don’t just need materials or your mind to make art, the ideas the artist gives is that you could also expand your mind and create great art from using nature, in which this case is what the author did.

Synthesis / My Experience

There was not one thing i didn’t like about the artists work. The fact that he uses a tropical them and nature to make his art really amazed me. I can relate to this because I, myself use nature to motivate me. In my perspective I thought all of his work was really detailed and well built. Although at first it did seem a bit complex, but later on from observing his work I didn’t find it that complex anymore. Although it is a bit complex it makes it even more interesting and different from other artists work because of how creative he got. I believe his art, and his ways of using nature to create art, will motivate other artists to create great art as well and also become great artists.





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