WK4-Classmate Conversation-Gabriela Hernandez


Gabriela Hernandez, is her name. A very outgoing person anybody can get along with and should definitely meet. Gabriela is currently a second year at CSULB. She is 18 years old and is currently undeclared. Although she is undeclared she is looking forward  into majoring in Sociology and also Psychology. Since i found her major interesting i decided to ask her why she was looking forward to it, and her main reason was because she plans to be a High School councilor which i also found interesting. Gabriela currently commutes from North Long Beach. She comes from Jordan High School which is close to where she lives in Long Beach. Gabriela’s favorite activities are playing volleyball and trying new types of foods. Her top favorite foods are well seasoned fries and chicken strips.She also likes watching TV, her favorite shows are the walking dead. Besides all these activities the main activity you’ll catch her doing is going to concerts and the VMA’s. The concerts she has been to are with a band called Five Seconds of Summer and has also been to a Selena Gomes concert. She loves to hear any types of music besides country , which i found interesting because I can relate. Her favorite music artists are Adelle and Bruno Mars. If you see Gabriela around I recommend meeting her, she is very outgoing and an interesting person to meet.

Link to Website: https://gabrielahblog.wordpress.com/


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