Wk4-Artist Conversation-Samuel Jernigan

Artist: Samuel Jernigan

Exhibition: Weight of Whimsy Ideas

Media: Ceramics Clay, Montana Spray Paint

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery West

Website: http://cargocollective.com/samueljernigan

Instagram: samueljenri

About the Artist

Samuel Jernigan is the artist you really want to look into for his really good and humorous art pieces. Jernigan grew up in an agricultural area around Fresno County. He  comes from Central California , which is also known as the Bay Area. He recently just graduated from CSULB in Fall 2015. He graduated with a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Ceramics and has a background in Ceramic Production. His art work is mostly funny and humorous, he does not like creating basic Art , he likes creating art that is funny and unique to his audience and himself. Samuel has many interests and activities he likes to do. His interests are playing the guitar, reading comics and the one he loves the most is watching cartoons. Although he has many interests the one hobby Samuel does the most is riding his bike, which is usually a 2 hour bike ride. His Bike rides relax him and help him express himself. Jernigan’s art work comes from serious dedication, as he stated he would work 14-16 hours a day for three years to get him where he’s at now and has payed off very successfully in return for the great Art work he has now.

Formal Analysis 

Samuels Art work is Art work you will find very interesting. What he finds in local flea markets, he creates them to gorgeous masterpieces. His art is basically toys for children in which is very easy to observe and make you understand what is really going on in terms of art. The materials he uses is Montana spray paint which is an expensive type of pray paint and also very expensive paint pens he uses. While observing his art there are many different shapes he uses, for his art he does not specifically stick to a shape but there is a round smooth texture involved. He also does shows rhythm within his art. His art is either one full color and texture or in involved with a rhythm of bright, colorful pattern involved. His art pieces are undulating  an sinuous, they have a smooth wave like motion that automatically give you a smooth sensation without even touching the art. Which to me is a vey interesting concept.

Content Analysis

Samuels work has many unique meanings to it. While talking to the artist he explained that his work is based on abandoned toys he found in local flea markets in which he wanted to bring back to life and add more detail to them. He felt bad for the abandoned toys, in which he felt a sad emotion for the toys. In his mind he wanted to bring them back to life and create something better. While in conversation with the artist, I was able to relate to the way he felt about the toys and art he created. When i was little I would go to the local GoodWill by my house. There would be times where I saw toys just laying there, it gave me a sad emotion and a feeling to where I wanted to take the toys home to not have them abandoned. This relates to the artist because he felt the same way and took action for the toys. In other words all his Art pieces have a meaning of emotion to them, each to where it has a story to it.

Synthesis/ My Experience

Every artist has there own way to express their art and also many meanings to it. With each art piece having a meaning to it, it also gives the audience a feeling of what it means to them as well. To me his art means taking something nobody really looks at (which in this case were the abandoned toys), and creating them into beautiful pieces of art in which this case the artist did. His art resonates to me in the fact that when I was little I always fixed the toys I had and made them better. Knowing he did and does this with his art relates to me very well. Based on my experience with his art I like how it has a humorous look into each art piece as well. It brings a smile to my face instead of a confused look I make when looking at other artists pieces at times. Based on my experience I learned that it does not matter how or what anything looks like at first, what matters is how and what it looks like in the end and how you create it to a masterpiece. Although any piece of art you create is always art no matter what.



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