WK4-Art Experience- Legal Graffiti Writing

Everybody has there own form of art and how it expresses the way they feel, but behind every art piece there is a reason on why they do it. During my art experience i was able to experience and learn many things. I had a fun time trying to figure out how i was going to write my name, but the thing that had me distracted the most was the other great art pieces people had and were drawing. It was really great seeing the art people created at Venice Beach. I had a great experience learning from others on how they started off doing small graffiti to big, professional, artistic writings. The atmosphere around was great, everyone was polite and would not judge on how good or bad your graffiti art was. If theres one thing i learned, its the fact that it does not matter how good or bad your art is, all that matters is the fact that you like it and you do at a legal term. My experience with the Graffiti Writing was great i felt i can express myself with just working through art and in this case it felt really good. Graffiti Writing might seem bad in some peoples eyes, but to others, its a way of escape to express their feelings and have a good time.


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