WK3-Classmate Conversation-Jesus Viramontes



When it comes to meeting new people and making friends Jesus Viramontes is the right person you want to meet. Jesus is currently a sophomore at CSULB. His major is psychology. I have never really known what it was or why people study it but when i asked Jesus he had a great response. Jesus states he wants to study Psychology because he “wants to find out how the human behavior works and why people behave the way they do”. To me this is very interesting, because it is something i have also been thinking about. Although Jesus goes to school in Long beach he commutes from Bellflower which is a city close by to where i live in. Jesus loves to do many activities on his free time. One outdoor activity he likes to do is hit the batting cages , another activity he likes to do is play pool with his family and friends. The last outdoor activity he likes to do is go out to the movies, his favorite types of movies are comedy movies but he likes any genre. Although Jesus likes to do outdoor activities he also like to play indoor activities as well such as playing video games. His favorite game in which he plays is Fifa. While having my classmate conversation with Jesus i also found out what type of music he likes, his favorite type of music is rock. The music artist in which he hears and likes the most are Weezer, Arctic Monkeys, and the Muse. Lastly in our conversation i managed to figure out what type of food he likes the most, it was Chinese food. This was great because it was also one of my top favorite foods. Meeting Jesus and having a conversation with him was a great time, if you see him around you should say hi he is a really chill dude.

Link to Website: https://jesusvirablog.wordpress.com/


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