WK3-Artist Conversation-Heather Jarrard

Info Block

Artist: Heather Jarrard

Exhibition: Standard 2.6: Untitled #12

Media: Macaroni, Beans, Hot Glue, Pasta

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Dennis W. Dutzi Gallery

Website: None

Instagram: cobranoag

About the Artist

Heather Jarrard is an Artist from Simi Valley, California. She’s a graduate from CSULB who majored in Art Education. Currently she is an Undergrad who wants to become a teacher and teach middle school and high school art. Heather is currently in the Art education program, which is a school of art program here at CSULB. Heather has many interests such as creating art from metals and 3D models, which are her speciality in which she makes art from. Another interest she has, is working with many different odd shapes, she loves creating new things from it. The ideas that her work explores would vary, most of her work is based on different shapes and sizes she likes making art from. But before she makes her forms of art she gets her ideas from online and does a little research before she starts.

Formal Analysis

Heathers art masterpiece is a mixed media art in which has macaroni, beans, and put together with hot glue. Her art pieces are in odd uneven shapes, fully constructed to create a great piece of art. The colors she used are a variety. Since she used a large amount of different beans, most beans are different colors. The colors used were brown beans, light brown beans, maroon beans, and really white beans. She also used a small amount of yellow macaroni shells for one of her art pieces. The rhythm she uses is based on the color of the beans or macaroni. She would put the same color going in a straight jagged line together until the piece of art ends. After that she would continue with the same pattern but with a different color. Her art work was not in a familiar straight line but more of a jagged line to where you can still see the pattern and make sense of the art piece.

Content Analysis

Heather has many reasons why she created her Art pieces with beans and macaroni. One, she loves to create art with different shapes and sizes, it does not matter to her what object it is. The other reason is because she “wants to create awareness for budget crisis in art”. During my conversation with the artist she would bring up points thats art supplies are expensive and sometimes we just need to prioritize and use other materials. I believe she had many things on her mind while she created her art work. She believes any form of art is art no matter what you use or what you do. I also got to know what was her motivation for art and what inspired her. She started off getting inspired to art from her father in which was an art teacher, but what really pushed her forward to succeed in art, was her kick ass art teacher she had.

Synthesis/ My Experience

After looking at Heathers work of art I believe it means in my perspective, that we can all create art with anything, no matter what shape or size it is. Ive always believed that art can be made with anything and it does not always have to look perfect or the best. Heathers work of art relates to the way I think because she also believes art can be made with anything as long as you put your own image to it. During my experience with the artist and observing her reasons on why she chose beans amazed me. She wanted to spread awareness for budget crisis in art. To me in my perspective it is great because many art materials are expensive and we don’t want to pay to create art. This shows how heather states that art can be made with anything like i have previously said, and to me I can relate because I have always loved drawing when I was a little kid, but had issues buying markers and all these special art pieces because it was expensive. Now from my experience with heather and her art work, I have realized art can be made with anything around us.









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