Wk15-Classmate Conversation-Vanessa Betancourt


In this weeks artist conversation I met Vanessa Betancourt. Vanessa commutes from Bellflower. Her previous high School in which she came from is Mayfair High School, I found this funny and interesting because my high school is close by the area. Vanessa is currently a freshman at CSULB who is studying for English. she is currently taking 12 units. Vanessa on her spare times loves to go hiking at the canyons to get some exercise. She also loves to go shopping and also to the gym. Vanessa also is a big fan of sports especially baseball, her favorite teams are the Dodgers, Lakers, and the raiders. And although she is a big fan of sports the one she truly understands is baseball. When she gets older she plans on being a social worker , she plans to make children’s lives better. An interesting fact about Vanessa is that she has 10 piercings and 2 tattoos. Vanessa is an interesting person that i met this semester, i recommend making friends with her anytime.


Link to website: vanessabetancourt.wordpress.com


WK15-Artist Conversation-Nancy Young

Artist: Nancy Young

Exhibition: As the Crow Flies

Media: Print Making, Metal, Wood, Mixed Media, Non Toxic Ink

Website: None

Instagram: None

About the Artist:

In this weeks artist conversation I had my artist conversation with Nancy Young. Nancy Young is currently a student at CSULB who is pursuing her Career in Print Making. In which she is trying to obtain her BFA in. Nancy;s college career started in 1984 where she was planning to pursue her career in Graphic design. Due to academic probation on a disorder relating substance abuse, she did not finish school.  From then years later Nancy went back to school. Once returning to school Nancy took an Art class which changed her whole perspective on art and shifted her career from graphic design to Print making. When Nancy is not making new art pieces she is working in the city of Orange County being a database and computer programer. Nancy loves and has a passion for printmaking now but if there is also other things she loves to do on her own time which is playing with her dog and hearing music. Her dog is her main motivation.

Formal Analysis:

Nancy’s work is based on two methods of printmaking one in which is Intaglio and the other based on Photopolyers. In Nancy’s work she uses wood as the base from there she adds on ink on top of her art work. later the process from there is to draw in her lines in her art work to complete her piece. In her art work there are several colors in which she uses. On one piece she uses a black shade which illustrates the bird and in the back ground she uses a light brown color lightly demonstrating a sunset. On the other image she also uses a black color showing a slight dark black shape as well. There is really no shape or texture, the shape is of a bird and the rest of the drawing is the same as well, which gives the drawing no texture or pattern. Nevertheless Nancy’s art involves birds in their own shadow.

Content Analysis: 

Have you ever wondered what a bird does or where it goes and how it really lives its life. Nancy’s art is about how “us” humans live our ives but not always stay in place we always move on somewhere and change location. What Nancy tells about her art specifically shows how once after college we will always move on and move forward we will move to a different place. This shows how in her art a bird must always move on as she stated and also stated us humans will move on to new adventures. These were the ideas she was trying to explore within her art. Its hard to really see into her art but once having her brief definition it made things very clear on how her art wants us to know that there is a bigger world out there in which we should discover just like the birds in her art work are.

Synthesis/ My experience

While observing Nancy’s art in my perspective it meant freedom. In her art work she uses a bird. In my perspective I believe her art work is about how we should be moving around to different places and not stay at the same place. At times we are afraid to try new things and always afraid to go outside our box to new adventures. I believe her art work is trying to demonstrate how birds move on from place to place, which relates to me in my life experience as well. I tend to try new things and always go out to new adventures, if me and my friends go out we most of the time get tired of the same place we go eat or same place we go skate or dirt bike at. We tend to go outside our box and try new things. Life in my perspective is about living it, to its fullest like a bird just fly around and visit new locations, which is something we should do.


Wk14-Extra Credit-The Secret Lives of Tumblr Teens


We live in a world where at times we can not do things we want because we are surrounded by bullies or surrounded by media in which just at times drags us down and motivates us less to do the things we want to do. In “The secret Lives of Tumblr Teens”, it states how teens had a secret life of tumblr, not because they they wanted to but because they felt like they had to and more comfortable with it. They were afraid to show their real identity like on Facebook or Instagram because they didn’t feel as they didn’t look good or have a great look to their body. The sooner the later they felt sadness in the tumblr and felt a joy in Instagram. They stated that they shared more personal things on tumblr in which they never shared with their friends which brought sadness because of this reason. In the result they did make money but ended up dropping out of college because they though they had what they needed, in the end they didn’t make enough money where they wanted.

In the culture i live in everyone is just stuck on their phones and not close to each other interacting and making conversations. In the reading the moment is stuck on tumblr but not with people interacting or really showing who they are but hiding behind the internet because they don’t feel safe or have the confidence to show themselves because they feel they need “the looks” or “body” to be famous. Well, in my culture in 2016 its still basically the same. People are afraid to show themselves on the internet , so at times they create a fake profile on Instagram or Facebook just to talk to each other. It shouldn’t be that way, everyone should have the confidence to talk to each other and have normal human conversations then a fake one online. another aspect is the fact that everyone is always on their phones, people go out and instead of just communicating face to face people are just looking at the phones more then the person in front of them.

Based on my culture in 2016, it has me disappointed on what we have become and done to our generation of adults, teens, and even children. Social media, media, and technology has taken over our lives, our social lives to be ourselves and really show who we are. In the reading i read the teens lives got taken over Tumblr , which relates to the culture we live in now being taken over by social media and technology.

This article did have me thinking of ideas, ideas in which have me wanting to create clubs in which people can socialize and not be on their phones or be behind computer screes but instead in front of a real human been who can hear you out and them hear you out. This will have people be more confident to speak to others and be the person they really are instead the fake person behind the computer screen. Hopefully in the future we socialize more and gain more confidence for ourselves.

Wk14-Extra Credit-Art Experience Feedback

The three pictures above are my three favorite activities this semester that we had. The first picture was the graffiti activity we had when we had to tag our name on a cardboard paper or any surface where we wont get in trouble. I chose to go tag my name in the Venice Beach art wall. I loved this activity because we were able to travel and see how other people draw art as well with spray paint. The other activity i liked was the Instagram activity, which is the second picture on the top right. I liked this activity because we were able to take pictures of the things we do right after class and this shows what i like to go which is go out and get boba. Since i love boba. The third activity , which is the activity i loved the most was the Japanese garden activity, in which we had to sketch out six pictures. I loved this activity because i realized how hard it is to draw and also because i never been to the Japanese Garden before. this art experience made me realize how nature is one really beautiful piece of art.

These three pictures above are the three least favorite activities in my perspective tis semester. Although I liked them all, these are the three i least liked. On the first picture we had to make a our own type of dish , i chose Cheez-It, fruity snacks an peanut butter. The reason why i liked this activity the least is because i found it hard to create something and instead i rather have done it on a favorite dish that already exists. I still had fun in this activity. The second picture is the snapchat one where we had to take a picture of art and the draw on it. I least liked this activity because i didn’t find a good purpose on taking a picture on what we found was art and then drawing it, i feel it was best to just leave it alone. and for the last picture we did an activity where we had to take a picture with a book, i least liked this activity because i rather take a picture with my own favorite book instead on we barley read or one we barley liked. I liked this activity but it would have been more entertaining writing about our favorite book and taking a picture with it. All of these activities are great and i liked them but in my perspective i liked them the least compared to the others we did.

Nevertheless, i loved the class i found the class very entertaining. At first i never thought art would be this fun but once i took this class i had so much fun and got to meet a lot of new people. This class made me realize how fun art is and what art really is. I never though i would love art as i do now jut because of this class.

If there are things i would recomend to change, there would be any. Honestly Professor Glen everything in this class was great i loved everything, i don’t think anything should change, thank you for the best and awesome experience in your class 🙂


WK14-Sketching the Garden-Art experience

This art experience was fun in many ways. One because, it was my first time coming to the Japanese garden and the other because i was able to draw and take pictures.I know im not the best drawer in the world but i swear i tried, although i am not good at drawing i try my best to draw what my imagination tells me. In this art experience we needed to take pictures and sketch abstract and representational art. It was very fun because i never been here before and i saw a whole different garden then what i expected.  While sketching out the art i was trying my best to show great description but i did add in the most detail as i can. There are a few things i learned although the fact that i am not the best drawer. I learned that art does not need to be the best its the effort that counts and how you see things in your perspective. I also learned that nature is really beautiful. Most of the time people just draw other famous people or unnecessary things, but in my perspective nature is the best natural art there is. I noticed it really relaxed me being outside and just sketching out the garden. This was one great art experience.

WK13-Classmate Conversation-Martin Diaz


It’s today’s classmate conversation I met Martin Diaz. Martin is from San Diego, California. He is a third year who has switched from mechanical engineering to computer engineering. His first two years at Csulb he dormed at park side, he now has an apartment with friends. He likes to cook good types of food at his apartment since he plays a lot of sports such as boxing and soccer so he needs to eat well as he stated. Martin loves to play soccer and also work with cars. He loves cars and loves to work with car as a passion. His favorite type of music is hip hop and rap, his favorite music artists are j Cole and logic. Martin also loves to watch movies such as rush and warrior. But one thing you will catch him doing is drifting at a track and safe manner. Meeting Martin was a cool experience, because we have a lot of things in common.

Link to website: Nitramdiaz@wordpress.com

WK11-Art Experience-Turning Pages


Have you even been somewhere and realized it does not feel the same anymore or realize things have changed and wish things were back to normal. Well let me tell you about my experience compared to the book store and the library. On thursday we went on a trip around campus but then went to the library. At the library we were not able to take pictures at all but to enjoy the scenery and read books, because thats what you do in the library. While we were at the library in my experience it didn’t really feel like a library. In a library you read books and relax, take no pictures but enjoy the atmosphere. In our school library its just filled with tables and computers like if its a computer lag or study area. Theres no books anywhere. It was hard not taking pictures at the library because its a very relaxing place i go to with my friends, nevertheless i take pictures for anything.Then going to the bookstore was a different story i was glad i was able to take pictures because there was things i didn’t really think i would take pictures of until that day at the book store. It was hard at the library avoiding taking pictures but then in the book store it was not.

My experience was one to where i was mostly thinking how things changed. I never though the bookstore would be a better place for me to be at as if the book store was suppose to be the library and the library the book store. But it felt really great at the book store. During my experience at the book store i found on of my favorite books in which i loved when i was younger and seeing it now as im older really brought a smile to my face, i even read the whole book over again. The book is called “Curious George”. There are a few things i learned from this experience. One, things can change from time to time , sometimes for the better and sometimes for the worse. In this case i felt like the library changed in a way i didn’t like or should be but theres always the book store to go to, where you can read a book and feel like your in a library. Which is now my place to go.

WK10-Art Experience-Instagram

In this weeks art experience we had to take a few pictures on Instagram and relate our experiences with others. My two posts are on the left. On my posts there is one image of the pyramid which is the moment i took the picture once i got out of class, also where i parked. At the image to the left of it is me holding a Boba drink in which i got right after i left from school. The other two photos on the right are from my friend. One of his posts its a picture of an artist’s art. I found this very interesting because me and him are both fans of cars. On the other image he posted a picture of his neighbors car freshly washed. In terms of relating our images there is nothing to relate to, my images are of the things i do right after school and my friends are of his taking pictures of cars. Although our images don’t relate we do have a connection in between. The connection is the cars, i am a big fan of cars and although I did not take pictures of cars I feel like we have a connection to the similarities we like most, which are cars. This activity was a fun way to see what others like to take pictures of or what they do right after class which was my case but what i liked best about the activity was the connection i found with my friend.

Wk10-Classmate Conversation-Bez Middleton


This week I was able to meet Bez Middleton for the classmate conversation. Bez Middleton comes from a city named Huntington Park where he commutes from every day from school. Bez is currently undeclared  but is trying to get into criminal justice which i found interesting because at first I was planning on doing something with criminal justice but changed my mind. Bez comes from a High School in bellflower called St. John Bosco. Bez on his free time loves to go out to the park and play basketball and on his own time go out with his friends as well and listen to music. His favorite sport team is called the Cincinnati Bengals and his favorite type of food is italian which is one of my favorites. a fun fact about Bez is that he is good at drawing although he does not like it. The reason why Bez took this class is because its a break from his other classes. One thing bez wants to get off his bucket list is skydiving. Bez is a really chill and outgoing person recommend making friends with him.

Link to website http://www.bezmidd.wordpress.com

WK10-Artist Conversation-Helen Werner Cox

Artist: Helen Werner Cox

Exhibition: Silent Screams

Media: Oil, Pastel, Crayons, MonoPrints, Basswood Carving

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gallery Gatov-West

Website: http://www.HelenWernerCox.com

Instagram: None 

About the Artist: 

This weeks artist conversation was with Helen Werner Cox. Helen comes from her home town named Ithaca, New York. Where she left at age 18 to Massachusetts to study fine arts. From there her career was just getting started where she was teaching Middle School and High School art for 30 years. Being a teacher at this point motivated her to go for her masters degree which took her around 13 years in the city of Boston. It wasn’t until later on where she got an opportunity for a teaching job in a Middle School in the state of California. This job in which took around 17 years but not only was she a teacher, she was also a librarian at the city of Long Beach for 13 years. Helen is currently a student at CSULB where she plans to get her masters in Fine arts of Painting and Drawing. And although Helen loves Art she also has some hobbies of her own which are gardening and reading fictional books on her own time. She also has her own ways of motivating herself, one in which she always carries a notebook every time. The notebook is used to write down any great thoughts or ideas she can use for her art and instead of forgetting them later she has her notebook with her to write them down.

Formal Analysis:

Helen’s art involves many aspects but what it is is art that wants you do look into and have a better meaning of it most importantly the art is trying to bring you into the image, bring the image to life thats what the image really is as Helen explained. The image is made with long Mono printing paper in which she uses to draw her art onto. She uses different types of oils, crayons, and basswood carving for her art and also pastel. The nature of the line is different types of lines in which some are connected and some are not. There is not shape necessarily but there is rhythm, which is the texture of the art being made by the dark colors and in some bright images to stand out. Is most of her art pieces she only uses two types of colors one in which is dark and another in which is light. Each image has its own way of standing out and on Helen’s images the lighter texture in color is what stands it out.

Content Analysis: 

Helens images are about a kids ride which are mostly found in parks, carnivals or in fairs and other locations. This ride is called a carousel, which relates her art about the horses in the carousel. Each art piece of the horse is not only just a horse it has a deeper image. While having my conversation with Helen she stated that each horse in her art has a more detailed meaning of expression. Which explains each horses different look and color in her art. Helens ideas in which she is trying to explore is the fact that she wants to show the works how society is stuck on a track ,comparing it to the horses on the carousel on how they keep going in circles just following each other but the not expressions or emotions they really have. I can relate to this because I also feel like society is on a track just going in circles, most people in society just want to do the same as others and not really think about themselves.

Synthesis/ My Experience:

While looking at Helens art I had many meanings in which came to my mind based on her art. To me her art means how this world is filled with many followers, if one person does this then the other does it as well, and at times its for bad things and things we shouldn’t follow. In her art she explains that it is based on a carousel and is expressing the emotions of the horses within her art. But also states that society is stuck on a track going in circles. To me it has me thinking that society is not following their own dreams but instead just following others and not thinking deep down to their emotions or expressions to know what they really want to do.  Instead just follow others peoples footsteps when in times they shouldn’t.  In my perspective what i feel Helen is trying to state is that we need to get out of the circle society is following and make our own path to where we can follow our dreams and own path.